Ballymana National School, NS, Craughwell


Here are some useful links to games and activities

4th Class Operation Maths Links



100 square

Fractions Games – practice 

Fraction wall – interactive

Place value and decimals

Number line work

                            Junior and Senior Infants

N.B. Note for parents – Maths language.

In Junior Infants we use the following language and words for addition

____  and  _____    makes  ____

e.g.  3  and  2   makes 5 .  (“three and two makes five”)


In senior infants the symbols are gradually introduced but the language remains the same.

e.g.   3 + 2= 5  (“three and two makes five”)

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Games and activities

There is no substitution for hands on games and activities. Encourage your child to develop their maths and number skills with everyday activities and simple games.

games include..

card games, dominoes, dice games -snakes and ladders, ludo etc , matching games, jigsaws and puzzels, reading numbers and counting when out and about (car reg. numbers, prices, house numbers etc).


activities include…

setting the table (how many places, how many more knives etc) , sorting socks, playing and using money, counting things, discribing things and using mathematical language (e.g. big, small, long, short, shorter, heavy light, more, less, the same, different, square, circle) get a simple analogue clock with the numbers on it – read the time (o clock and half past) play with blocks and shapes, finding a certain number of things (e.g. 3 red cars, something in the room that we have 4 of etc. )

Here are some links to other pages with ideas or search yourself online there are lots of ideas out there…

ideas 1

ideas 2


Online games and activities

Count me in too – site from Australia with lots of activities for all ages.

Washing line – putting numbers one to ten in order


Number tracks  – find the number that comes before or after a sequence


rock hopper    – counting



Matching, classifying and sorting         Junior Infants Term 1.



 O clock games 

Matching time games

Sequencing events

On time game



Number Rhymes

                                    Number Rhymes

  Ten in the bed

Five little Monkeys

Five Speckled frogs

One, Two, Three, Four, Five

One two buckle my shoe



Numberline practice

Numberbonds to 10

Loop Cards

Number Song numbers 1-10

Number Song – counting forwards and backwards


Beginning addition –

( remember – language is ” ___ and ___ makes”)

counting on in ones – junior infants within 5, senior infants within 10

alien addition – set number range to 1-10 and set speed at slow.




This site has links to games and activities linked to the primary maths curriculum.

 All Classes

Count me in too – site from New Zealand with lots of activities for all ages.

Multiplication Games- Lots of Fun Games to practice Multiplication facts.







Multiplication Songs – Percy Parker combines multiplication tables and rock music!!

Number Facts

Hit the button – fun, fast game.  ( times tables, number bonds etc)

Mental maths speed challenge  

 Mental maths – Maths magician – beat the clock

 Mental maths – bio mission

  Alien addition

Number mission – t h t u

Ice Ice maybe – estimation


Place Value

Place value charts