Ballymana National School, NS, Craughwell

Senior Infants

Welcome to our blog. We are looking forward to a great year of learning!

Spring is here and our daffodils are blooming! We took great care of them over the winter and now they are  big and strong!


We made cherry blossoms trees with crepe paper!

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Some of our grandparents came to visit us! We sang songs for them and they told us stories from when they were little boys and girls like us! Thank you to all the grandparents for a lovely morning in our classroom.


We enjoyed our Arctic play theme!We made shaving cream snowmen! It was really messy and so much fun!


 We got to make stick puppets of Arctic animals!


We did Arctic maths!


We wrote about what we see in the Arctic!


We got to create the Arctic using blocks and lego and small Arctic toys!


Fire Safety

The fire engine came to our school today.

Fireman Peter talked to us about being a fireman.

He told us how to be safe.

We also  watched a fire safety video today.

You can watch it here.

We are all fire safe now.

Don’t forget to check your alarm every month and make a fire plan.


We got ready for Halloween by creating bat silhouettes! We painted lovely, bright colours all around!




We learned lots about ourselves and our faces! We made different faces using shapes! We used Mr. Pop to help us remember all the different parts of our faces. We had so much fun!



Elmer is our class elephant. He is very adventurous and loves to visit our homes. We celebrated his birthday at school with Miss Farrell and Miss Clarke by making rice krispie buns! They were so much fun to make and they tasted really yummy!

Happy Birthday Elmer!


We melted cooking chocolate.


We stirred in rice krispies.


As it is coming close to Halloween we added Halloween sprinkles.


We made rice krispie buns for everybody in Senior Infants and First Class and we even had a few left over for some lucky teachers!


Jack had  a big surprise for First Class! He made cookies with an E on top for Elmer. Thank you, Jack!


Elmer loved his rice krispie bun! What a great birthday!

100_2088 - Copy

We love autumn! We went for an autumn walk and collected the fallen leaves.  We had fun playing in the leaves. We heard the crunching sounds as we walked among the leaves. We saw lots of pretty colours!